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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local come late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> we begin with another stormy evening on tap. >> following a severe thunderstorm alert. >> the storms are weakening, good news. for a while, there were eight years severe storms coming down out of pennsylvania. what is left of it now is crossing the bay and heading over into kent county but it is a much weaker version of what had greeted the rains earlier. now is just a little cell approaching the shoreline of kent county. we had a whether sell fairly strong coming in and it is a lot weaker now thankfully as it is starting to dissipate in southern frederick county in moving toward the montgomery county as well. this little ragged line through northern delaware and the
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baltimore area is the leading edge of this cold front which would bring in more comfortable air for the day tomorrow. we will keep an eye on the leftovers and check out the better looking forecast for tomorrow coming up. >> you can track storms and where you are on our new applications. you can see are severe weather alerts on north on and on mine. we've got you covered. four days after the mass shootings, prosecutors are beginning to piece together and just who is james holmes. >> a key part of the investigation are the things they found in his apartment. >> it was rigged with 30 homemade grenade than 10 gallons of gas and it was all carefully orchestrated to maximize and strengthen the size of a potential last. more stories of lives saved by acts of bravery after the shooting began. j. gray has the story.
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>> good evening. evidence going back to the crime scene and the victim's apartment here. police searching for evidence while the community is trying to find some kind of comfort. what they were back at the theater and the suspect's apartment. investigators continue to uncover evidence. this shattered community is finding strength in these heroes. >> stephanie refused to go. >> president obama introduced us to stephanie and allie, best friends for life, with the emphasis on life. >> we were lying there, literally in the mouth of help. there is smoke, explosions, bloody, dust. when she hit the floor first. >> i remember opening my eyes.
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on the ground. there is blood everywhere. i just told her get up. we had to go. >> a bullet had pierced her neck and she struggled to breathe. >> there was blood everywhere. she put her fingers over my carotid artery. what she kept pressure on the wound and try to keep quiet. >> to town meeting be quiet and stay down because he was walking up and down the aisle shooting people. >> she helped carry her friend waiting ambulance, one of the first people she saw, her dad. >> she cannot talk because she has a breathing tube down her throat with avery board to ride on in the first thing she wrote my steph?""where's a simple message to let her know she had not mostar best friend.
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>> warner brothers has made a significant contribution. in aurora, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as one year has now passed since the triple murder in baltimore city, the case remains unsolved, but tonight, the families try to renew the efforts to track down the killer. rob roblin joins us live from northeast baltimore with more on those efforts. >> when firefighters arrived, the first thing they did was to put the fire out. inside, they found three victims. at first they thought they die from the fire, but as they found out later, they were shot in the head. today, police were going door- to-door in the neighborhood where the crime happened handing out fliers, trying to get clues on the homicide that took three lives almost one year ago. >> we're pretty much back to
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square one. we thought we had information that we thought was legitimate but it led us down a dead-end road. we are back at square one. any shred of evidence or information, please bring it forward. >> there arrived after putting out the blaze and they found three victims in the home, all three shot in the head. about 90 minutes before the house was set on fire, police responded to an anonymous call about gunshots fired at the home. police responded, knocked on the door, but they found nothing. family members of the victims say police should have done more. >> the police did an awful job. >> i'm sure the police did not do their job. if they knock on the door and spoke to someone, how come she cannot identify who she spoke
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to? that could have played a big part. if she could identify who she spoke to, we could come closer. >> dave responded to the residence. we had no reason to force our way in to the residence. that being said, the officer showed up and checked the doors and windows. they did what they were supposed to do. once we got inside later, that is what was found. >> the three people who lost their lives, a 58-year-old man, it 36-year-old woman, and a boyfriend. almost one year later, police still have no suspects in this crime. reporting live, rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore lawmakers joined a nationwide effort to raise the minimum wage in hopes of making
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it close to $10 per hour by 2014. >> not everyone likes that idea, especially small business owners. lowell melser joins us with more. >> the federal minimum wage now is $7.25 an hour which comes out to about $15,000 per year. baltimore lawmakers were here at city hall earlier asking washington to change that, but small business owners said not so fast. >> we are here today to demand that congress passed the rebuild america act. it would raise the federal minimum wage for nearly 30 million american workers. >> tuesday, baltimore city council president flanked by other baltimore leaders including the mayor calling on washington to raise the federal minimum wage. it was part of a national effort to urge lawmakers to approve the
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proposed rebuild america act which would give a paid raised to people like bruce who lost his $13 an hour job and now works for minimum wage in telemarketing. >> every month, we have to make a decision on paying a bill, paying rent, or having food for the children. >> it is based on the minimum wage proposal which would raise the federal minimum wage by 85 cents per year for three years capping at about $10 in 2014. in 2015, it would adjust to keep pace with the rising cost of living and would raise the minimum wage for other employees. they feel it would help struggling baltimore residents and other cities rebuild economically. >> to have to enroll in public service, social services to get food, clothing drives to get your kids' clothes. you have to go to school supply drive to get your kid's school
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supplies. everyone should be able to live. >> it is taking another dollar out of someone else's pocket. >> this small business owner is not hot on the idea about hiring minimum wage. he says while his employees make more than the federal minimum, in this economy, many small businesses are struggling, just like everyone else, if not worse. >> taxes are going up. this will go on. and now they want labor to go up? digest does not make sense. >> of baltimore lawmakers are hoping the bill can be introduced before the august break. it's on known how much opposition our support the bill will get. live outside city hall, lowell melser turkoman wbal-tv 11 news. >> the ravens are at training camp and their stadium is being taken over by another sport.
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>> details on the ventilator. >> taking a stance on concussions sovereign -- suffered by high school athletes. at thegerry sandusky under warmer performance center where ravens training camp is getting under way with a new look for head coach john harbaugh. check it out later at 6:00. >> big thunderstorms. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar.
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all to see your money how you want. ♪
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>> thousands of high school
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athletes are treated for concussions relating to contact sport. >> it has forced the state board of education to take action. tim tooten joins us more. >> we hear more and more about to been suffering brain injuries, but there is the hope that that will be changing with state regulations now on the books. >> kids go to school for a lot of reasons. the primary is to learn. anything else has to come second. >> a passionate plea getting serious about concussions. >> even one is it too many. a second can be added to it and be worse, but even one can be devastating if you respect the material we have. >> the board with a little time accepting the new rules requiring more train for coaches in the area of brain injuries and requires criteria when
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athletes are allowed to return back to the sport after a concussion. but also requires the school system to do more to educate parents on brain injuries. he has been lobbying in the state board for changes. >> it will be more robust. to catch the first concussion more frequently. >> this is the first up towards solving a serious problem. >> we're learning more than we ever knew. the deficit of knowledge is much greater than it was five or 10 years ago. >> the state board says there is more to be done. a task force will come up with recommendations for changes and will make a report by the end of this year. >> they will begin training coaches even now. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> ravens stadium being taken over by another kind of football that we like to call soccer. they are laying sod over their turf to be prepared for the major game between liverpool and cotton ham. the big game this saturday afternoon at 1:00. tickets start at $36. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a weaker storm in the display and watches and warnings expiring slowly. a few cells to keep an eye on. one crossing the bay now moving across the eastern shore. at one time, a severe thunderstorm around baltimore county, but now you can see this in parts of canada and queen anne's county. that's all good news. a strong sell in northern delaware looking like it's
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about to cross over into new jersey. but appears to be the strongest one in our region at this hour. for the most part, the storms around baltimore are just about done. as a result, the weather service is bringing down the severe thunderstorm watch. north and west of baltimore have been counseled including howard, baltimore, frederick. they will keep the watch going for just a little while longer on the eastern shore to see if any of them regenerate. i think we're past the worst part of this weather pattern. some areas in virginia got a good downpour. a few spots in central baltimore county picking up half an inch to 1 inch of rain as this tractor. now it is much weaker and producing lighter rain in parts of northern delaware. not much rain measured at the airport and the inner harbor.
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a hot, humid day. the record high established two years ago will get by for another year. 101 degrees back in 2010. 90 downtown. some areas with showers have cooled in to the 70's. we will see a gathering -- is slowly cooling trend. 70 in downtown baltimore and a cool front is triggering the activity. tomorrow, not as comfortable pressure sliding down to the north of us and will feel a lot better outside tomorrow. in the middle of the country, it is still blazing hot, 102 degrees in kansas city. monsoon season is underway with thunderstorms beating up through the rocky mountain states. this heat will surge back in our direction on thursday. hopefully you will enjoy tomorrow, sunday, cooler, less human.
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white variable wind. son up at 6:01 a.m. when a variable with waves about 1 foot. -- winds variable. sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's in the mountains bringing the thunderstorms back to the mountains for the end of the workweek. 88 and less humid. almost 100 on thursday. a nice looking wednesday before the heat will come back by the end of the week. 80 and more comfortable tomorrow. nearly 100 thursday. -- 88 and are comparable tomorrow. a few scattered storms passing through on saturday getting back to normal over the weekend. >> from the susquehanna banks fort sumter, this is -- susquehanna bank sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the ravens have kicked off
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training camp 2012 starting with joe flacco on the field with a whole lot of guys who could not find their way around town that they had to. the quarterbacks, rookies, and any veterans who suffered injuries or underwent medical procedures are the first ones to report today. 37 players working out today and the number will grow exponentially as the week unfolds. courtney up shop failed his first conditioning test yesterday. he passed it this morning. for head coach john harbaugh, and new season. all of these new challenges but this also means a new look. facial hair. i asked him if he was trying to make a fashion statement. >> i just thought i would get someone's attention. i wanted to divert you. it's like a car wreck. it did not work. your already asking the tough questions. >> one of the tough questions? have you spoken with your
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safety? he said he had an excellent conversation with him recently and expects to see him tomorrow at camp, when he is expected to report with all the rest of the veterans arriving at the underarm or performance center tomorrow when the ravens have their first full team practiced thursday afternoon. the ravens began with four players on the physically unable to perform list. most notably, the second round pick with a strained calf muscle. he said he expects to see him on the field as soon as tomorrow if not thursday. orioles back at home tonight at camden yards with a six-game homestand. they're taking on the tampa bay rays, ahead of them in the standing. their seven games out of first place, two games ahead of tampa bay. against the indians last night in cleveland, a 3-1 loss.
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the five-game winning streak coming to an end. they have yet to see the street extend to six this week. we will see if they can do it during this homestand. chen lost badly to the rays back in june. in little but on the hot sun for football, but ideal for the orioles tonight at the yard. stick around. tom tasselmyer is back
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>> it will become much easier to legally carry a gun in maryland. a court ruling is currently permitting. do not be surprised to be see bright green liquid flowing in the harbor. the harbor.
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>> are we out of the ones for the turbulent weather? >> i think so. it could be back in the picture at the end of the work week as the heat returns. we will drop into the middle and upper 80's tomorrow, but it will be much more humid and more comfortable. right back down to near 100 thursday. mid 90's friday. we will cool off again over the weekend. putnam game. there's a slight chance for showers, but mostly south of us. good weather for futbol. >> the weather today was droopy.
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>> droopy. >> thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news"with
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